Participation of Sister Meal Festival of Miao

Sister Meal Festival of Miao, also called eating Sister Rice Festival, it is celebrated from the 15th day of third lunar month by Miao ethnic people of southwestern Guizhou province, especially in the Taijiang and Jianhe counties along the Qingshui River. The festival is regarded as oldest oriental Valentine's Day, providing opportunities for Miao men and women to meet and begin their courtship.

Several days before the festival, Miao girls collect special wild flower and leaves in the mountain to produce natural liquid then dye the glutinous rice, to make the rice appeared in five colors, named red, yellow, white, black and blue, which is well known as “Sister’s Rice”.

On festival, all the Miao girls dressed up in finest embroidered and appliquéd clothing with freshly shined silver jewelry, headdress, hairpins, neck-rings, chest locks and other startling accessories; young men even those live from many miles around, will come for this social activity. They have the freedom to decide which village to go and which girl to single out for dating.

The girls will prepare sister rice in basket and rice bags, with their concerns or love are hidden inside: A bamboo hook meaning a further contact, buds of Chinese toon implying coming of marriage and red garlic hinting a polite refusal, while a pair of red chopstick saying “I love you too”…

There are also many other activities during the 3-day long festival, like buff fighting, horse racing, traditional Miao’s performance and Lusheng music. There are also daylong markets for trading some local craftworks at daytime; while at night, the young lovers will wander off with sweet singing gentle around to the tunes of Lusheng pipes.

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