Picking Tea Leaves at the Farm

The Chinese tea culture is profound and mysterious, with a long history behind of it; together with silk, china, it was spread into other parts of the world by ancient Silk Road. Not only enrich layer of material culture, but also the connotation of spiritual civilization.

Tea is not only a simple drink or a plain idea; tea lovers need to experience physically and feel emotionally and that’s the reason of popularity of in-depth tea tour in China. Tea fans have opportunity to explore the remote mist-covered mountains where the legends of kinds of tea were born.

Highlights of Tea Tour in China
1. Picking tea at tea farm with the guides of tea professionals, as well as enjoy the rural scenery of China;
2. Feel deep culture of tea and its traditions by visiting the old tea gardens;
3. Seeing the process of tea making;
4. Visit ancient tea gardens where Emperors once relaxed with tea in hand and see ancient tea trees over a thousand years old
5. Taste exquisite, authentic, freshly newly-made tea
6. Participate in tea ceremonies and tea performances

Where to picking Tea in China
There are many tea types & gardens throughout China, below are some fame destinations for a great tea cultural discovery:
1. Meijiawu Tea Village of Hangzhou, for picking Dragon Well Tea
2. Mt.Wuyishan of Fujian
3. Anxi Tie Guanyin Tea Garden Fujian
4. Mt.Yao Tea Garden Guilin
5. Pu’er tea Garden Guilin

Here below are some trip ideas for your reference:

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