Wuyishan Xiamei Village

Wuyishan Xiamei Village

Scene Introduction

Wuyishan Xiamei VillageLocated along the lower reaches of the Meixi River, from which its name, Xiamei is a small village that has prospered from its tea trade. It is also an important part of the cultural and natural heritage of Wuyi Mountain. Benefit by its long history, traditional culture and high reputation, now it is part of the China’s Famous Villages with Historical and Cultural Significance as well as one of World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites.

In the early days of the Qing Dynasty, Xiamei became one of the important tea distributing centers of the Wuyishan area. Xiamei was once the starting point of the Ancient Tea Road, which extended from northern Fujian to Moscow. The trade in tea brought riches to the local people. So they built up luxury houses of merchants, mansions of officials, hermits' villas, and scholars' residences. To this day, these well-preserved ancient buildings are preserved intact in their Ming and Qing dynasty styles as the highlights of villages.

Built in 1790, during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, Zou's Ancestral Temple is the largest brick-and-wooden structure in the village. Despite more than a century of weathering, the brick-carved mystical beasts sitting on upturned roof ridges still guard the old courtyard, while exquisite brick carvings decorating the gate tower remind visitors of the past glory and distinction of the Zou clan.

At the end of the village is an antique store which, during the reign of Emperor Qianlong, was once a temple honoring Mazu, goddess of the sea. As a place of prayers for protection by the goddess, the local shipping guild raised funds to the temple. In those days, the temple was also a place for boat trackers to rest and have dinner.

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