Chengyang Dong Villages

Chengyang Dong Villages

Scene Introduction

local chengyang peopleChengYang Dong village is located in the northern part of SanJiang County, bordering Guizhou to the northwest and Hunan to the northeast. Hengyang Village is made up of 8 small villages. You will enjoy many Wind and Rain Bridges, Drum-Towers, traditional wooden houses, rice fields, bamboo water wheels, villager dance and song performance during your visit here, you may also go and see the traditional Dong homes and carpenter's family, savor local dishes, and learn about the ancient customs of the Dong people as well.

Chenyang village are all traditional Dong minority villages. The houses are all made of wood. Inside the villages you will find traditional Drum Towers, which were used to announce important things or simply to perform plays to entertain the village people. There are a number of bridges when you visit the village, they are all beautiful, colorful life activities can be witness in the bridges. Flourishing textile tradition is apparent most everywhere, among them, is particularly noted for The Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge.

Water Wheels along the Linxi River are another characteristic thing you should see here. Huge wooden Water Wheels pumping water from the river for rice paddies, life have not changed for centuries. And in Ma’an Village, you could see a kind of distinctive architectural house - Diaojiaolou. Diaojiaolou is the name for houses in Dong Village, generally made of China Fir, are two to four story dwellings. In most areas, the upper floors serve as living quarters, while the lower floor is kept for domestic animals and storage.

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