Buyi Village at Anshun

Buyi Village at Anshun

Scene Introduction

Buyi Village at AnshunStone Village situates in the Biandan Mountain of Zhenning County in the southwest of Guizhou, and is just 6 kilometers away from the famous Huangguoshu Waterfall Scenic Area. Being a biggish minority in the southwest of China, Stone Village is the home of 200 families with totally some 1000 Buyi ethnic people.

Embraced by mountains and surrounded by lush trees and rivers, the scenery of the village is very attractive. It has large patches of fields in the front and green trees in the back. Beside the village there is the wide, limpid Stone River, where groups of fishes swim after each other. Wide Stone River passes along the village with a five-cave stone bridge arching over. The five arches with their reflections form circles, into which the limpid water and green mountains on the other bank are reflected, forming five colored screens with different patterns.
Buyi Village at AnshunStone Village is a stone world where all the architectures and even domestic utensils in the village are made of stone. No bricks or tiles can be seen in the entire village. Designed and built by local people, these stone houses are full of local and national features. Besides, the dwellers lived in these strong and durable stone houses will feel warm in winter and cool in summer.

The Stone Village is also famous for its wax-dyed fabrics. The women of the stone villages are deft and clever for each of them can do needlework skillfully. Up to 80% of the adult women in the village can master specialties such as wax printing and brocade weaving. With the continuous development of Huangguoshu Resort in recent years, the Stone Village resort has attracted lots of tourists from home and abroad with its beautiful landscape and the traditional handicrafts.

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