Zhaoxing Dong Villages

Zhaoxing Dong Villages

Scene Introduction

drum towerBoasting a remarkable total of five drum towers and beautiful bridges, Zhaoxing Dong Village is known as No. 1 Dong Village in China and it is one of the largest Dong villages with over 800 households and more than 4,000 inhabitants in Guizhou.

Zhaoxing Dong Village has a history of more than 800 years. According to the records of pedigree passed down from generation to generation, the ancestors of Zhaoxing inhabiting there and building the village as early as 1160 during the Southern Song Dynasty. In 2001, Zhaoxing was included into the list of Guinness Book of World Records for Zhaoxing Drum Towers and Dong villages.

As the symbol of Dong villages, drum towers embody the architectural skills of the Dong ethnic group. There are 5 magnificent drum towers within Zhaoxing Villages. The whole construction of towers did not need any single nail, rivet or blueprint. The drum tower combines the magnificence of pagodas, the elegance of pavilions and the daintiness of chambers. During festivals and celebrations, all the people will wear their festival costumes and accessories, and participate in Dong Opera, which is usually performed on the opera stage beside the drum tower.

Similar to the five towers, there are 5 bridges in Zhaoxing. The lengths of the bridges vary from each other, but every bridge has roofed covered building and colorful engravings. Inside the bridge, there are long benches, which is convenient for pedestrians to walk, and also provides a place for pedestrians to take shelter from rain and heat, meet with friends, greet and see off guests and view the scenery.

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