Mutianyu Village under the Great Wall

Mutianyu Village under the Great Wall

Scene Introduction

villagers at Mutianyu villageThe pass at Mutianyu is an appropriately unique section of the Great Wall. 7 to 8 meters high, and 4 to 5 meters high with crenellations on both sides of the Wall, the section of the Wall at Mutianyu stretches for over 2 kilometers. Mutianyu Great Wall is combination of Great Wall culture and rock culture, green plants and rare animals with new travel content.

 “China Dream Stone City” and “Luming Animal Park “are 2 attractions were built in Mutianyu Great Wall area taking more than 30 million Yuan. The former one collects strange stones from the country. And tourists can be in harmony with animals in the later one. Matching its military importance, the Mutianyu Great Wall has 22 watchtowers built at almost 100 meter intervals. This number of towers is much more than what would be expected along the Wall, and is also highlighted by the particular form and structure unique to this section.

The villages are also famous for their crown pines and are peopled by descendants of the laborers who built this section of the Great Wall during the Ming Dynasty. They are working villages. The main agricultural products are apricots, pears, and chestnuts grown in orchards dotting the steep hills. Draft animals are kept and the millstones are used to make flour.

Mutianyu village is a friendly place and the residents are always ready with a smile. They are proud of their section of the Great Wall and welcome visitors and enjoy talking with them.

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