Xuexiang Village

Xuexiang Village

Scene Introduction

Xuexiang VillageSnow Town situated in southeastern Heilongjiang Province, Mudanjiang City is bounded on the south by Jilin Province, adjacent to the Sea of Japan, is about 358 kilometers northwest of Mudanjiang. The city is surrounded by mountains, flat in the central part. Due to the web-warm air from Sea of Japan and the cold wind from Lake Baikal make a tremendous impact on it, the snow period here lasts more than 7 months and the average snowfall reaches 2 meters.

Endowed with the most pure snow and beautiful snowscape in the world, the Snow Town was not so famous to the outside world until it was discovered by some shutterbugs and their photos won the international price several years ago. Soon after that, some teleplay groups set their bases here and took many famous TV plays and films. To some extent, they help to magnetize more tourists from other places and bring more consumers and opportunities to Snow Town.

Jingpo Lake is the largest alpine barrier lake in China formed by the volcanic eruption ten thousand years ago. Mountains surround this narrow and long lake while the lake embraces islets in the water. The Diaoshuilou Waterfall, underground lava tunnel and the crater forest constitute the highlights of the scenic area. Or if you want to experience the interesting skiing, sledding and grand snowscape, the Shuangfeng Forestry Center is the best choice.

Snow Town is regarded as a dreamlike paradise in winter. Its high mountains, local traditional wooden houses, villages, animals, trees and the sunrise are all greatly different from those in the other world's snowy areas. The best time to Mudanjiang City is from June to September, not only for the cool weather, but also for the highest water level of a year. You can enjoy viewing waterfall and boating on lakes.

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