Hu Xian Farmer’s Paintings

Hu Xian Farmer’s Paintings

Scene Introduction

Hu Xian Farmer’s Paintings Huxian town is 25 km southwest of Xi'an, located in the middle of Guanzhong Plain, to the north of Qinlin Mountains and to the south of River Wei. Huxian was named by national Ministry of Culture as the "China's modern farmer painting village".

For 40 years, Huxian's farmers' paintings have been very prominent in China. As a painting group, they have the longest continuous history on the mainland of China. Most of the older generation of the farmers who painted in Huxian County grew up under circumstances similar to those of Liu Zhide and Li Fenglan. They were not concerned about earning money from their paintings or their personal gains and losses, but painted for people in their home towns. Without their contributions and sacrifices, the rest of the world would not know about the life in Huxian.

Huxian paintings feature notable regional tones, marked by pictorial landscape and the rustic life. These paintings are closed to life, bold and rich, similar in spirit, with rich regional characteristics. The composition, color, shape, pattern, and grain clearly show the profound cultural background of these works. While emitting the flavor of modern arts, the works also boast high values for academic researches and collection. Huxian farmer’s paintings attach importance to plain, pursue themselves, reflect the spirit of the time, possess strong national features and enjoy popularity. They using bright colors and exaggerated depictions, the artworks usually boast profound morals. The lively atmosphere on the farmland, and jubilant festivals, had fully demonstrating the modern artistic features. Drawn with the hands, the artworks actually demonstrate their heart and soul.

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