Shexian Old Town

Shexian Old Town

Scene Introduction

ancient archwaysShexian is an ancient cultural county which located at the southern foot of Mt. Huangshan, under jurisdiction of Mt. Huangshan City and on the upper reaches of the Xin'anjiang River. Surrounded by green mountains and crystal water, it is rich in cultural relics, residences, memorial temples, and memorial arches. Shexian is an art museum of classical architecture.

As an ancient cultural center, a lot of cultural school flourished at that time, presented in various areas, such as the Xin'an School in painting and medicine, the Hui School in architecture and Hui School in woodblock painting. The Huizhou Culture, along with the Dunhuang Study, and the Tibetan Study, are reputed as three Local Studies in China. A lot of talents shown up over centuries, including Cheng Yi, Cheng Ying, Zhu Xi, Jian Jiang, Huang Binhong, and Tao Xingzhi. Shexian Old Town is also noted for 3 kinds of ancient structures: residences, archways, and memorial temples. Moreover, Shexian has many local specialties and various of teas are considered to be the invaluable treasures by local people, such as honey date, Huangshan Maofeng Tea, Dinggu Dafang Tea and Huangshan Green Peony Tea, which

When you come to Shexian, you can pay a visit to an old street in the county seat---Doushan Street and the Xuguo Stone Memorial Archway. So, why not embark to China and explore Shexian’s best-kept secrets, a national key to cultural relic, and the best of the memorial archways of the Ming Dynasty?

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