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WuzhenWuzhen, one of the 6 famous ancient towns in Jiangnan Water Village, has a history about 1300 years. Except the southern delicate of small bridges, flowing water and old-style houses, exquisite and refined local architecture. The whole town is penetrated with rich historic and cultural atmosphere.

Wuzhen people built their houses along the river, decorated with the tiny stone and crystal water. The view lying before us is just like a beautiful painting. All the local constructions besides accompany the palace to demolish, other preservation are complete. Wuzhen is also a place with remarkable people coming forth in large numbers, there once have 64 Jinshi and 161 Juren shown up here. Mao Dun,a giant of modern literature, is also born here. Three villages converge near this famous town which has a highly developed system of catering service,mainly fish and Hu sheep. Various restaurants spread all over the town, the most reputation one among them are the Jiujiang House, Three Mountains Restaurants famous for the Fen Zhengrou lotus leaf.

With a good integration of history, culture, nature and surroundings, Wuzhen deserves to be your best touring destination in China, no matter for sightseeing, leisure, holidays or business activities.

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