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ZhujiajiaoLocated in a suburb of Shanghai city, Zhujiajiao is a well-known ancient water town throughout the country, with a history of more than 1700 years.This small ancient town is noted for its charming natural scene at home and abroad, especially the "1 mountain and 1 lake", all features the distinguishing and unique characters of Yangtze River Delta.'1 mountain’, The Dian Mountain, a small but quite famous mountain. If you are lucky to get to the top of Dian Mountain in the late afternoon, it will reward you a breath-taking view, Dian Mountain looks golden in the sunset in the station into a silhouette, extremely beautiful and breath-taking.

1 lake here stands for the Dianshan Lake, covers an area of 62 square kilometer amount to the area of eleven Western Lake. Appreciating the lake on boat, the water and the sky seems blend in one color, reed jiggled in the soft and fresh air, and you’ll feel your chaotic heart soon become calm, relaxed and happy, stand far away from that annoying disturbing public.

Apart from the natural beauty above, there have some world famous human landscape which presents in a more fascinating and more feature way here as well. Those landscape includs"1 bridge, 1 street, 2 temples, 1 hall, 1 memorial hall, 2 garden, 3 gulf and 26 lanes".

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