Fishing Villages at Erhai Lake

Fishing Villages at Erhai Lake

Scene Introduction

Fishing Villages at Erhai Lake The main attraction of Dali is probably the surrounding countryside area. To the west lies the Cangshan Mountain Range with peaks well above 4,000 meters and a large number of picturesque Buddhist temples. Lake Erhai, some 40 kilometers long from north to south and less than 10 kilometers wide, is known for a unique fishing method used by the locals. The Bai ethnic group of Lake Erhai used captured and domesticated cormorants to catch fish. The big birds were hindered from swallowing their prey by having rings fixed around their necks.

To see old-style farming and fishing villages go across the lake to Haidong (the east bank of the lake) or take the boat to the Jinshuo Islet. In the villages you can see the villagers dry fish, dry fishing nets, making fishing nets. The two villages have many traditional Bai people's style buildings, especially, in the Bai Village in the Jinshuo Islet, you can find an ancient temple and a temple and a Bai primary school.

In Dali, the best way to experience the fishing village's life is rent a boat with the fishermen. They will take you in the lake and order their cormorants cathing fishes, very interesting!

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