Jingkou Village of Hani People

Jingkou Village of Hani People

Scene Introduction

hani villageJingkou Hani Folk Village, a primitive, exactly unindustrialized countryside area with long-standing customs, is located in core area of the Yuanyang terraced fields, 7km away from Xinjie town. The village covers about five hectares in hillside with 180 households and a population of 855. This Hani village is mainly presents the common characteristics of the Hani Terraced Fields culture. Besides, it also thoroughly shows primitive ecologic environment and un-sophistical villagers.

Walk around the village along the stone path, you can see the change of time as well as the local’s unchanged life on magnificent terrace fields. The earth-made houses on the both of paths are well ranked, and the round straw housetop looks like a big mushroom. These called mushroom houses are the residences of Hani people, which are comprised of earth-made walls, bamboo or wood frameworks and straw housetops.

Jingkou Hani Folk Village enjoys thick forests that provide hydropower, woods and firewood, which can not only protect the ecological system, but also reserve water, forms into a natural "green water reservoir". Below the village are tens of thousands of layers of terraced fields which provide grains for living and development of the whole villagers. The streams flow through the village into the terraced fields.  The villagers make advantages of the water route, build such living facilities as water-powered roller, water mills etc.  During the course of the irrigation of the farms, by  way of using wooden marked watershed, the water resource are reasonably distributed among the terraced fields of each household. This forest-village-terrace-river "four degrees isomorphism ecosystems" is human activity and natural ecosystems of the examples of the perfect combination.

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