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China village tours offers authentic and real experiences in kinds of villages throughout Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Anhui & other parts of the country; some of the towns or sites are located in rural or mountainous areas of China, so please follow the tips below for a great explore tours in China

1. In high altitude areas or mountainous areas, the temperature difference is high between day and night, and the weather is changeable within one day, so please pack warm clothes and hat, sunglasses & sunscreen with you;

2. Bring some necessary medicines with you, such as: the medicines for flu, sore throat, coughing, diarrhea, etc that you use at home; and some Antihistamine, used for allergic reactions and insect bites.

3. Wear gym shoes or comfortable walking shoes, which will be good for your feet and ease your trip.

4. Travel and living conditions vary greatly between city areas and less developed rural areas of China. There’s no banking service in villages, with limited access to post office service, internet access and telephones; so bring some cash before you heading to these areas.

5. The accommodation conditions in countryside is comfortable and clean, but not as luxury as that in big cities;

6. The water in streams or valleys is not drinkable, just drinks boiled water or bottled water;

7. When you visit a minority village, dress moderately, in long trousers or skirt and T-shirt or shirt.

8. Don't tease dogs in villages or along the way; some dogs are very furious to the strangers;

9. Respect the customs of local people, especially when you are planning to visit minorities villages; your tour guide will tell about the proper etiquettes, behaviors; just follow the guide to avoid conflicts with locals.

10. Most Chinese people are friendly; but it is suggested you ask for permission before taking their pictures;

11. Take measures to avoid insect bites, including using an insect repellent at all times and wearing long, loose fitting, light colored clothing when you are travelling during summer.

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