The landscape in Anhui is dramatic and beautiful, like Yellow Mountain; while some other amazing Hui-style villages include famed Hongcun and Xidi village offer alluring alternative…

Small Towns and Villages

  • Hongcun Village

    Hongcun Village, located at the southwestern foot of the Mt. Huangshan, lying in the Thunder Hillock and facing the Southern Lake, 11 kilometers fro ...

  • Chengkan Village

    Chengkan Village, located in Huizhou, Anhui Province, about 40 kilometers away from Mt. Huangshan, is noted for its representative collections of an ...

  • Qiankou Residence

    Qiankou is located in the Huizhou District, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, 60 kilometers away from Mt. Huangshan, is an epitome of residences of th ...

  • Shexian Old Town

    Shexian is an ancient cultural county which located at the southern foot of Mt. Huangshan, under jurisdiction of Mt. Huangshan City and on the upper ...

  • Tangmo Village

    Tangmo village, located Near Shexian County, is one of the typical scenic spots to search the Huizhou dwellings culture. Tangmo Village features tra ...

  • Xidi

    Xidi, the treasure of ancient dwelling architectural art, the witness of ancient civilization of human beings, one of the most representative ancien ...

Sample Tours

  • 3-day Huangshan tour

    Soak up in all the natural & cultural wonders in Yellow mountain areas. Conquer the mountain on foot or just use cable car up or down to view the imposing peaks, grotesque rocks, canyons, odd-shaped pines, sea of clouds, springs, winter snow, spectacular sunset and sunrise.

  • 4-day Huangshan tour

    This 4-day hiking tours in Mountain Huangshan exposes the travelers from natural wonders, unique climbing experience and traditional cultural sites.

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