Fujian is a region with steep mountains, river valleys and subtropical coastline; it offers interesting things like Hakka's Earth Tower, Fujian Tea, unique religions, local cuisine, folk music and so on...

Small Towns and Villages

  • Chongwu Ancient Walled Town

    Chongwu ancient city situates in the northern shore of Quanzhou Bay and the west coast of Taiwan Strait. It is the division of the East Chinese Sea ...

  • Liancheng Peitian Ancient Village

    Being a well preserved ancient Hakka village, Peitian Ancient Village lies on the foot of the major scenic resort of China--Guanzhai Mountain in Lia ...

  • Nanjing Hakka Tulou

    Tulou is a unique and mysterious Hakka architecture with a thick earth wall enclosure found only in the mountainous areas in southwestern Fujian pro ...

  • Wuyishan Xiamei Village

    Located along the lower reaches of the Meixi River, from which its name, Xiamei is a small village that has prospered from its tea trade. It is also ...

  • Wuyishan Tea Plantations

    Wuyishan Mountain is a UNSECO World Heritage site, internationally recognized and protected for its biological diversity and significance as an anci ...

  • Xiapu Fishing Villages

    Known as the most charming fishing village of China, Xiapu is located at the northeast part of Fujian Province. It is a county under the administrat ...

  • Yongding Hakka Tulou

    Located in the southwest part of Fujian Province, Yongding County is one of the most famous spot in Longyan city. Yongding is famous all around the ...

Sample Tours

  • 3-day Xiamen tour

    The rural trip in Fujian province will present some tourist highlights in and around Xiamen – remarkable Hakka houses, time-honored Nanputuo Temple, charming Gulang Island and more.

  • 4-day Xiamen Tulou Tour

    This special village tour will take you to remove the mysterious veil of the Hakka houses in mountainous south western Fujian. These buildings were once wrongly known as the missile launchers by the U.S. spy satellites in the 1960s.

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