11-day Southeast China Minority Exploration

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This China rural tour will take you to enjoy the colorful cultures and unique local life styles of different ethnic groups in southeast Guizhou and norhern Guangxi provinces. This package will be a wonderful experience.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1
Guiyang Arrival    Transfer: by plane - own arrangement
Guiyang / Danzhai      Transfer: by private vehicle
Program: Be met at the airport and transfer to Danzhai by private vehicle (3 hours on highway).

Day 2 (B, L, D)
Program: After breakfast, drive about 1.5hrs to Yangwu and visit a Miao Village with imposing rice terraces around it.

Day 3 (B, L, D)
Danzhai – Shiqiao – Kaili
Program: Drive to Kaili today. En route, you will pass a Miao Village named Shiqiao, where villagers still earn their living by producing and selling hand-made papers and products. Noon time arrival in Kaili. After lunch, you will visit Kaili Museum to get a get a glimpse of the culture and history of Miao Mountain areas by their buildings, food and drink, costumes, festivals, production, recreation, etiquette, morals and beliefs etc.. You will also visit a private collection of minority costumes, and a lecture of textile & embroidery can be arranged.

Day 4 (B, L, D)
Kaili – Matang - Xijiang
Program: Morning visit the local market and then visit Matang Gejia Village. Being officially classified as a subgroup of Miao, Gejia people insist that they are a unique ethnic group instead. People in the village are good at batik. After the visit, drive to Xijiang, the largest Miao Village in the world and overnight in the village. Rest of the time is at leisure to take a free walk in the village.

Day 5 (B, L, D)
Xijiang – Shidong - Jianhe
Program: After some more time stroll in the village, you will depart for an other Miao Village named Shidong, which is famous for its over 300 years silver decorates making. Silver decorates is the most important part of Miao costume, especially for the festival dress of girls. Shidong is also well known for the Sister Rice Festival, which is one of the biggest Miao festival. Drive to Jianhe in the afternoon.

Day 6 (B, L, D)
Jianhe - Longli
Program: Today you will take a long drive to Longli Ancient Town of Liping. En route you will have chance to view two different style of embroidery – tin stitch and red embroidery. Arrive in Longli at late afternoon and take a leisurely walk in this well-preserved military castle which once housed a Qianhusuo (a regiment of 1,000 soldiers) dating to the Ming dynasty.

Day 7
Longli – Liping – Dimen
Program: Today, you will go to view how Miao people do the braid embroidery. Overnight in Dimen, a Dong Village famous for their Wind & Rain Bridge and Drum Towers.

Day 8 (B, L, D)
Dimen – Rongjiang – Zhaoxing
Program: Drive to Rongjiang after breakfast, with Dong villages on both side of the way. On the way from Rongjiang to Congjiang, you will visit a market (subject to market day) & Basha Miao Village. Basha which is a very special and old Miao ethnic village. The villagers here still practice their unique traditions which date back to the Qin Dynasty. The traditional costume of Basha men has been likened to that of the ancient samurai and they are rarely seen without a knife or a spear. Arrive in Zhaoxing at late afternoon and check in hotel.

Day 9 (B, L, D)
Program: Zhaoxing is the largest Dong Village in China. With about 800 families, the village is still preserved as its original appearance. Walking in the village, you will find local people making indigo cloth by the river, washing, dipping or hanging. In the afternoon, you will go to a nearby Tang’an Village and taking a moderate walking tour for about 2 hours.

Day 10 (B, L, D)
Zhaoxing – Sanjiang – Chengyang - Longji
Program: After breakfast, drive to Chengyang Dong Village via Sanjiang (4hrs). After the visit to Chengyang Village, continue drive to Longji. From car park, walk 0.5 hour to your lodge at Ping’an Zhuang Village on the top.

Day 11 (B, L, D)
Longji – Guilin
Program: Morning visit the rice terraces and the village. Descend after lunch and drive to Guilin for the flight to your next destination.

Trip ends.

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